What's important is that I love to teach!
I enjoy teaching all levels of students,
the youngest a 3 year-old and the oldest an 89 year-old retired Philosophy professor. I have observed a beginning student advance to playing a piano concerto with the collegiate orchestra within 4 years in San Francisco. I have watched one of my students major in composition and become an assistant for renowned Hollywood composers, assisting with composing music for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

I make sure that there is a balance between required repertoire and pieces that my students desire to learn. For example, one of my students learned Rachmaninov's Prelude and Apologize by One Republic. I teach 4 genre of repertoire: Baroque, Classical, Impressionist/Romantic and Contemporary, along with technique, theory, sight reading, composition, ear training, vocalizing, arranging, and music dictation. I encourage students to play in a rock band, ensembles, orchestra, marching band, church music ministries and weddings.

Yes! I teach anyone who is interested in music.